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About the Llamas

There is no need to thank me for the llamas. :)
I usually give llamas to people who fav, comment or watch my works or to people who I think that are amazing and deserve it.
So... giving a llama is my way of thanking people for being so awesome to me, because I really don't have time to thank to each of them. :/

:glomp: :love:

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Copyright Statement 3 by Sophibelle

OCs Feature

Thu Sep 25, 2014, 3:37 PM


Hello people! :iconletmehugyouplz:
So I was checking, like a stalker, some journals and I came across this: 
OC feature + Character Bio idea!Sup! I came up with this idea. I like characters with a background story, so all of my characters have one :3 Do you like characters with a background? do you write stories for your OC's, or at least imagine it? Do you use your characters for roleplaying or making comics?
I want to make a feature of your OC's!! So the first 5 people who comment and add at least one drawing of their OC, (doesn't have to be by you, it can be fanart) will get a feature. You can comment or Note me with a short bio of your character! You could try to fill in something like this:
Background story:
Curious facts: 

I'm going to start with two characters of mine! I will make more Bios of mine on request. If you are curious about any, just tell me! 
Age: 19
Birthday: January 1st
Personality: She is a very happy girl, she likes to be around people, and girly things such as nail p

The lovely :iconstardust-thief: had this cool idea and I was like "Oooomg I really want to do it too!!! *u*"
This is such an awesome way to get to know other people's OCs!
I'll put two of my OCs too, but I'll do two journals about all of my original characters (one about random OCs of mine and another with Cracked Gear OCs only).

If you want to see your OC on this feature, send me a note with one or two drawings with your OC and the following info:

Background story:
Curious facts: 

Please, only 1 or 2 OCs! Thank you! :meow:
So... bring it baby! 8D

My OCs

Louise Eleonor Spiller Hawkins III

Louise Sketchdump - More like a Reference Sheet by TheJoanaPADJ  Louise - Character Design by TheJoanaPADJ

 15 years old (in the begining of the story)
Birthday: 14th November (Scorpio)

Background story:  Louise is the Hawkins' firstborn, one of the 5 families that function as the government in Damaris. She lives in a mansion with her mother, her brother Ilias, and more servants than she can count with her fingers.
During her early childhood, an incident happened, causing her father's death, and marking her with scars in her face and burns on the left side of her body.
Being the firstborn and since her father died, Louise has a lot of responsabilities related to the country's government.
She is always seen with a notebook and with her best friend, Luca (even if that is down looked by the other Dives).

Personality: being born in the middle of the rich class (the Dives) Louise became a very stubborn, spoiled and sarcastic teenager, with a very amazing capacity to have her wishes done by the simple stomp of her foot. Neverthless, she is good intentioned and confident (or seems to be).
Usually, Louise tries to keep things to herself and since she has so many responsibilities, she's usually under a lot of pressure. The way she walks and moves around, even while speaking, seems rather rigid and controlled/planned. Louise only gets more... relaxed and herself when in the company of Luca.
Also, she only says bad words when really mad or stressed, then you have a very rude Louise walking around threatening people with her fists...

Curious facts:
- She's something akin to an inventor, always wanting to do stuff in random hours, hence not leaving her bag with the tools, where she also keeps a very secret notebook.
- Her true passion is alchemy, and she can even make remedies with her knowledge.
- Louise has the exact eye color her father had.
- She plays the piano and she also knows how to ride horses.
- Louise has 4 scars on the left side of her face: one on her lips, two on her cheek and one on her eyebrow.


Character Sheets: Two Psychos by TheJoanaPADJ

Age: 22 years old
Birthday: unkown

Background story: Not much is known about his childhood (simply because I haven't decided about it yet and... I just put here the misterious side of it to look like I actually know what I'm doing with this OC xD). Nah... actually, Rowan used to live with his parents and a twin sister who died due to a fire when playing with Rowan, who was about 8 years old at that time.
Being blamed by his mother for his sister's death, who believed that his son made it on purpose, the boy ended up in a psychiatric hospital to treat his depression and paranoid mind. The doctors couldn't actually tell if it was an accident or if Rowan had indeed something to do with it.
After that, his parents divorced, and his father committed suicide. The only family close enough to receive Rowan was his uncle, who treated him like a son.
He actually had quite a normal life after all those incidents (except for the insomnias and all the nightmares) but his mind was... kind of broken. He started hearing voices in his head who tell him to do nasty things. This voices would become lauder and angrier, causing him headaches anytime Rowan was under more stress, and it would make him so desperate that he would, in the end, do what those voices told him to do.
So... a serial killer was born. :iconlegaspplz:
He started smoking a lot and using music as a way to calm himself and keep him awake.
After a while he moved to a new city to study in the University, and that's when he met Coral and Zelwi, who also have a very nasty side to each of them. (welcome to the crazy land yey)

Personality: Rowan has two sides of him: the normal one and the sadistic one.
He is a very sarcastic and perverse fellow, always teasing and flirting with Coral. He has this thing for BDSM and his relationship with Coral is a very sado/maso one.
Rowan isn't actually rude, but since he isn't very talkative, speaking only the necessary with strangers, he seems a very serious and weird person. People don't actually feel comfortable near him and he doesn't bother at all, he prefers it that way since in his normal state he actually worries about people, being afraid of not being able to control himself and end up harming someone.
His sadistic side can be more or less compared to an hungry and sadistic predator, enjoying the killing and always wanting more.

Curious facts:
- Rowan is schizophrenic.
- He has a big tattoo on his left arm/shoulder/part of his back with fire related themes.
- Since insomnias and nightmares tend to visit him regularly (hence the dark circles under his eyes), smoking was the only solution he came up with to keep him calm and awake.
- Something that also helps him to control his behaviour is music, specially classic, wich he puts playing very loud when the voices start speaking louder.
- He has a pocket knife that's always with him. It was a gift from his father and it has the symbol of life "Ankh". (not sure yet if it was actually a gift from his father or from other person... I still need to decide about this lol xD)
- Rowan likes to play video games.
- When he was on his rebel years he learnt how to do parkour.

I'll start with the ever so lovely :iconstardust-thief:


Sahara is a very old being in charge of guarding death. She has the unfortunate power of killing whatever she touches, with very few exceptions.

Sahara redraw no.2 by Stardust-Thief  Character card 04: Sahara by Stardust-Thief

Age: has lived for several thousands of years, but looks around 24
Birthday: unknown too, since she's too old and calendars were not that precise, but it's said to be around november the 2nd.

Background story: Sahara did not meet her parents. When her mother was pregnant of her, it was said that she was going to be a burden, a curse, or even a demon. Her parents had to run away from their lands, because people threatened to kill them so they would not have this "child demon". They ended up in the desert, which was the place where Sahara was born. She killed her mother in childbirth, and killed her father as soon as he tried to take her. She was left in the sand, and was picked by two godly entities who adopted her, knowing what her deed was about. They eductated her avoiding contact with humans until she was old enough to know how powerful she was. 
While she is the guardian of death, death does not depend of her. She is not precisely a reaper. It's said that, before she was born, death was merciless (hence all the deaths in ancient times), and thus some "humane" part to it was needed, which is why she was born, and why she is, and must always be, the sensible person she is. 

Personality: contrary to what people think a reaper should be like, Sahara is a very sensible and melancholic person. She has a great sense of compassion, but she has learnt (very slowly) how to supress her feelings when she must do her job and kill. 

Curious facts:
- Sahara is a studied statist and demographist, two very useful fields to do her work and keep track of what the future may become. However, she is dependent of "fate", and can't do whatever she pleases every time, even when she knows it what's right and what's wrong. 
- She can also cause genocides by making natural disasters, although these are not under her control totally. She can summon one and measure its magnitude, but she doesn't know if it will be a tornado, or an earthquake, or a flood, and once it begins, she cannot stop it or avoid the deaths it may cause. 
- Due to her constant need of transportation, the godly entity of space casted a spell in her blood, which allows her to draw portals with it in any surface, including water. 
- She plays piano and pipe organ.


Shade is the guardian of shadows.

Shade by Stardust-Thief  Character card 01: Shade by Stardust-Thief

Age: unknown
Birthday: unknown

Background story: Shade lost her mother when she was very young, her mother was always weak of health. Her father, a philosopher, took care of her in a hidden chamber under a cemetery, they were to remain hidden because it was war time and he was against the monarchs. Ironic enough, Shade ended up getting married to a prince after her father's death.

Personality: she is very femenine and graceful, has an erotic side too. However, she has the big flaw of not being brave enough and has the tendency to leave trouble instead of facing it, even when she should. 

Curious facts:
- Shade was literally alone for many decades after the prince died and the war was lost, so in order to avoid forgetting how to speak, she would talk to herself in very long and complex sentences in which she uses synonims vastly. She still speaks in a similar way, which makes her sound strange. 
- When immersed into total dakrness, Shade can summon shadows and see visions of the future.
- She is actually very powerful magic-wise, but she is such a coward and hates fighting with a passion, so she does not even know how powerful she could be.

:iconjoolita:'s OC

Zenwu Mbi

Golden Eyes by joolita   Of conquests and consequences page 12 by joolita

Age: 19 years old.
Birthday: the calendar in his world has 15 months and his birthday is on 06-14. which makes it the middle of winter.

Background story: Zenwu is the son of Medere Mah the Clan Mother (ruler) of Gdezsu and her bonded mate Igbem Cnou the Strategist of the Clan. Although Zenwu's fate is to leave his clan and become the bonded mate of another Clan Mother or Clan Heiress he does not let that define him. He studies to become a strategist himself, the highest advisor on political as well as military matters. He wants his talent and usefulness to outshine his birth obligation to produce offspring for the Clan Family. 
At the moment he is taking part in a war to protect the Haibne clan with which the Gdezsu are striking an alliance. His bond with the Haibne Heiress is one of the terms being negotiated as part of that alliance. 

Personality: He is intelligent, manipulative and somewhat stuck up, but loyal and very patient with the people he cares for

Curious facts: 
- He owns over 30 pairs of earnings. 
- Is the main trendsetter for the clan youth.
- He is a skilled dancer has a good sense of rhythm. He plays a drum, sometimes at gatherings but also for himself, the more repetitive droning rhythms help him concentrate or meditate. 
- He has his favourite sister. 

  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: My Song Knows What You Did in the Dark
  • Playing: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art

Hi there! :iconsweethugplz:

I'm Joana!
I'm a traditional artist (or trying to be! xD) and I'm self-taught. On my "free-time" (let's say... my classes!) I love to draw.

Feel free to speak with me! I love to meet new people! If you want to ask me something, hey, just leave me a note or a comment, and I'll answer you back! :hug:

Also, I'm sorry but I can't thank to each of you for the favs! T.T I really wanted, and I tried that at first, but I seriously don't have time. So, for all the people who fav my work, I'll just leave here a big THANK YOU! Seriously guys, you're so awesome!

Fella Released by TheSaltyMonster Face Your Avatar Stamp by mattdanna dA Love by ClefairyKid I'm Here for the heART by ClefairyKid :iconlovestamp1::iconlovestamp2: Trying by ClefairyKid I talk to myself... by prosaix .:Dirty Mind Stamp:. by Viten DA Stamp - So Many Ideas... by phantompanther Art is Stamp by ultravioletbat Traditional Media Stamp by KaizokuShojo Left handed stamp by WhiteKimahri Sarcasm Stamp I by darkdisciple-stamps [Stamp] Temptation by Creepiest STAMP: deviantART is... by djRimzi Skyrim by skinnyveestamp Assassin's Creed by Desaesed Legend Of Zelda Stamp by 666mel666 Dragon Age Origins Stamp by Lizkay Hawke Stamp by SpannedSoul The Procrastination Stamp by Busiris Stamp: Love Commenters by Flame-of-the-Phoenix I love my watchers by tRiBaLmArKiNgS :iconohgoodmorningplz::icontheassasinsfailedplz: :iconrealityruinsmylife1::iconrealityruinsmylife2: :icongivechocolatesplz::iconchocolatesplz: Chocolate... by prosaix Thank You... by jennyleigh fdasuarez FAN STAMP by Graphix-Goddess Steampunk Stamp by francoslavic-banter Portugal Stamp by phantom Alice Madness Returns Stamp by LadyRedDarkness Homestuck Stamp by Demon-Dolphin Bioshock Stamp by InuyashaServant

:heart: Awesome People :heart:
(check them out, they are amazing)

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 Well,I'm a foreign student at ISEG (Lisboa) and more of a traditional doodle artist.
And I'm trying to get some exposure for my art in Portugal and among Portuguese artists, so feel free to check out my gallery or you can visit my Facebook art page and Like my page to show me some support there, would mean a lot :) (Smile) And if you  know of Portuguese groups or people who might be interested in my work , it would be great if you can guide me through :) (Smile)
Would be looking forward to your response.
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Portugal is beautiful and peaceful :) I like it here. It's just that I still don't speak the language very well, so I have difficulties every now and then.
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How are you my dear friend?
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